Welcome to the prevention generation!

The Prevention Generation is a new digital experience focused on delivering personalized health and wellness content from holistic and conventional medical professionals. You pick the “health tag” topics that you want to follow, and viola, you will have a personalized feed of vetted health content. You will also have a trending health post feed, which features all of the content in the platform for you to explore and discover.

Our chief medical and holistic officers, Dr. Aister and Dr. Pavlik, serve as the editor-in-chief for each video, article, post, and podcast you find on the site, all of which are provided by the AHWA Foundation. We also offer a unique ability on the Prevention Generation for you to find and follow health professionals and receive their content posts through your feed.

Finally, we bring on suppliers serving the prevention generation (health & wellness companies), delivering exclusive content and solutions that are relevant to the health tags and topics that you follow. What some of our users call the “magic” of our approach is the ability for us to deliver these suppliers to your feed without a bunch of annoying advertising and flashing banners.