Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked

In the US, about one-third of adults already sleep naked. It’s easy to see why: sleeping naked helps stop you overheating, helps you feel more relaxed, and gets rid of bunched and uncomfortable nightclothes. What people may not know, however, is that sleeping naked may be better for you. Is sleeping naked better for your health? Read on to find out.

Fall asleep faster

For some people, being naked may help them to fall asleep more rapidly. The average time it takes to fall asleep is around seven minutes. If it’s taking you 20 minutes or longer, you might want to try sleeping naked.

The reason comes down to your body’s core temperature. When you fall asleep, your temperature drops by one or two degrees. This temperature drop is necessary for sleep. Removing nightclothes and covers can help your body cool down more rapidly, allowing you to reach the ideal temperature for sleep.

Sleep more deeply

The amount of sleep you get is essential, but it’s also crucial that your sleep is of good quality. If you’re sleeping restlessly, waking up in the night, or having your sleep disrupted, you won’t be properly rested in the morning. One of the benefits of sleeping naked is that it may enhance your sleep quality by allowing you to sleep more deeply. Because your body remains cool, you might find that you wake up less.

Lower your risk of heart disease

Sleeping naked could potentially reduce your chances of developing heart problems. If you’re not sleeping properly, you are at an increased risk of cardiac diseases. For those who find their sleep improved by sleeping naked, better sleep could translate into better heart health.

De-stress yourself

Because it can deepen your sleep and allow you to sleep for longer, sleeping naked can help to lower your stress levels. Being awake when you need to be asleep doesn’t just create fertile ground for worry and rumination, it also prevents your body from processing stress hormones such as cortisol. This allows those stress hormones to build up in your body, where they can create all kinds of physical and mental problems.

Improve your energy levels

Poor-quality sleep or insufficient time spent sleeping can leave you lethargic and fatigued. By improving your sleep, going to bed naked may help some people to feel more rested and less tired. In the long term, some sleeper’s energy levels may be significantly enhanced. Regaining quality sleep has a cumulative effect, improving energy levels over time.

Burn more calories

Sleeping naked may help to raise your metabolism. Because your body temperature will tend to drop, your body will need to burn more calories to help keep you warm. While you can’t rely solely on sleeping naked to deliver your weight loss goals, it can certainly help to create the kind of calorie deficit you need. Because your body gets used to burning more calories, your metabolism may tend to increase.

Reduce weight gain

Too little sleep or sleep that’s not deep enough can cause you to gain weight. Poor sleep is associated with higher levels of obesity. One of the benefits of sleeping naked, therefore, might be a lower risk of obesity. Not everyone will notice this kind of benefit, of course, but proper sleep is a definite advantage when you’re trying to lose weight and improve your overall fitness level. Is sleeping naked good for you? It’s certainly worth experimenting to find out if sleeping naked works for you. If keeping your room warm enough to sleep naked is an issue, you could compromise by wearing light, loose nightclothes that doesn’t restrict your circulation. Covers should be kept light and comfortable. While you should be cool and comfortable, you shouldn’t be too cold; allowing your body temperature to drop too low can make you more prone to infections and have a negative effect on your sleep quality.