Dr. Aister on How to Use Gloves, Masks and Sanitizer when Shopping

Prior to March of 2020, how many times had you gone to the store for something quick (or to stock up) and thought to yourself, “How do I take my mask on and off to avoid the spread of infectious disease?” Yeah, if you are anything like the rest of us, the answer to that would be never! Oh, but that all changed. And, while it may not last forever, there are some fundamental rules that we should follow when we are trying to protect ourselves in public spaces, beyond just social distancing.

This little video was created after I was at the store with my family, and watched a number of people who were “trying” to protect themselves, but making some very obvious mistakes as I watched from the safety of my car. For example, a couple walked out of the grocery store, and they immediately took their masks off with their gloved hands. While I can appreciate the desire to get them off, by touching their face and masks with their gloved hands they have essentially defeated the purpose of wearing the gloves.

Check out the proper approach in this short video.

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