Ditch the Core! RedCord® is the way to go for Training and Rehabilitation

What is RedCord® Neurac?

RedCord® Neurac is a treatment method that aims to restore functional and pain-free movement through the use of neuromuscular stimulation. Treatment focuses on regaining optimal performance in a safe way that allows one to recover quickly. Treatment can begin in the earliest stages of the rehabilitation process without adverse effects. “Neurac”, which is short for Neuromuscular Activation, consists of therapeutic exercises in slings. The goal is to painlessly restore movement patterns and improve function. Neurac treatment restores muscle coordination and focuses on treating the actual causes of the problem, not just the symptoms.

The Neurac treatment focuses on correcting weak links by reducing and eliminating the overloading of muscles which are the cause pain and dysfunction.

Treatment usually results in immediate pain reduction and/or improved body function.

Who can RedCord® Neurac help?

The short answer is that RedCord® can help everyone! The main objective of the training is to balance the different muscle chains, gain strength and endurance, and maintain a healthy body throughout life.

  • RedCord® is especially helpful for physical rehabilitation. “It gets people better and keeps them healthy across their lifespan.” It is a pain-free approach using suspension exercises to strengthen weakness.
  • RedCord® is a must for performance training. Redcord® focuses on exercises that enhance athletic performance and prevent injuries. These exercises are three-dimensional and have high carry-over to sports. Learn how to train smarter, not harder. Enhance muscle control and stability through exercises that demand high neuromuscular effort, but without the need for high mechanical load. Dr. Nguyen focuses on the quality of your movement patterns to help you establish adequate neuromuscular control for that exercise before introducing you to more challenging movements, higher resistance and sport specific training.

Whether you are attempting to perform the simplest physical tasks without pain, or you are preparing for an Olympic event, RedCord® offers real solutions to address your needs and achieve your goals.

How does RedCord® work?

Neurac is an active treatment approach consisting of four main elements:

Suspension exercises

Controlled vibration

Workload, specific and gradual exercise progression

A pain-free approach

To maintain optimal health your musculoskeletal system needs to be balanced and strong. RedCord® exercises are tailored to you, the individual whether you are recovering from surgery or injury, or a sedentary person or elite athlete.

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