Build A Strong Immune System With Supplements that are Scientifically-Formulated

Under the current pandemic conditions, having a healthy and strong immune system is extremely important. With the stress of the constant news coverage, sheltering in place and even repeated exposure to environmental toxins, allergens, or harmful microorganisms can weaken the immune system.

To order to boost the body’s immune defenses, a nutraceutical with antioxidant and immune-boosting properties should be taken on a regular basis. With many medical professionals recommending a supplement that contains vitamin C and vitamin D daily.

Syntol Kids and Syntol AMD contain a blend of vitamins and probiotics that have been shown through scientific research to strengthen immune system activity. (see link below for references).

Syntol Kids

Vitamin C is well-known for its ability to boost immunity due to its antioxidant activity and is especially useful toward reducing the duration and severity of cold symptoms (e.g., coughing, runny nose) in children. This is because in addition to being a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C enhances the production of white blood cells, which is one of the main types of cells in the body that plays a role in the immune response to foreign invader. More specifically, white blood cells can travel to the site of an infection, where they release substances that attack and destroy harmful microorganisms (e.g., viruses, bacteria, and fungi). Therefore, regular vitamin C supplementation is vital for sustained immune system function.

Another ingredient in Syntol Kids is vitamin D3. Taking this essential nutrient regularly also reduces the duration of cold symptoms and respiratory issues. Research even shows that children who frequently experience respiratory infections and chronic coughing often have low levels of vitamin D. It is important to note that there is more than one type of D vitamin, so always check supplement labels to make sure that you are getting vitamin D3, as it is the most effective D vitamin for boosting immunity.

Probiotics are another important ally in the fight to boost immunity. Probiotics release substances that stimulate increased production of white blood cells and the beneficial proteins that are produced by white blood cells. Probiotics also maintain the proper balance between good and bad bacteria, as the buildup of harmful bacteria in the gut may lead to various health problems (e.g., yeast infections, gut inflammation) that can weaken the immune system.

Syntol Kids also contains a natural, non-GMO prebiotic fiber called fructooligosaccarides (FOS) that provides nourishment for probiotics and supports the rapid growth of healthy bacteria [12].

Syntol AMD

Similar to Syntol Kids, Syntol AMD enhances immune system activity due to its vitamin C and probiotic ingredients. However, Syntol AMD was formulated for adults. It provides 13.6 billion CFUs of 8 different strains of healthy bacteria. CFUs refers to colony forming units, which is the number of healthy bacteria per serving, and research indicates that taking 5-10 billion CFUs of probiotics daily boosts digestive and immune system function. Therefore, a serving of 13.6 billion CFUs is more than enough to target harmful invaders and boost white blood cell numbers, thereby supporting the immune system.

Syntol AMD also contains a non-GMO prebiotic fiber that nourishes probiotics, called Isomalto-Oligosaccharide (IMO), as well as several important digestive enzymes. Food allergies (e.g., peanut), insensitivities (e.g., gluten), and intolerances (e.g., lactose) can lead to a range of digestive issues as well as immune system hypersensitivity. By ensuring that food is thoroughly digested and preventing undigested food from irritating the gut, digestive enzymes help ease these types of issues and restore immunity.

Overall, Syntol Kids and Syntol AMD are scientifically-formulated supplements that enhance digestion and immunity, helping these two processes work together to promote long-term health.

Link to original from Arthur Andrew with references

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