Tracker Enterprises Inc.
For over 25 years, Dr. Paul J. Pavlik “walked the walk” as a successful dentist. He has had the experiences of starting his own practice, leading a large team, utilizing associate doctors, and working with all kinds of insurance programs including traditional, preferred provider organizations (PPOs), and capitation (CAP/HMO) plans. For the last 20 years, Dr. Pavlik has consulted on practice management, practice sales and leadership. He has worked with facilities with as few as two individuals to those with over 600 employees. Paul is the founder and CEO of Tracker Enterprises, Inc. (, a business advisory think tank that helps other doctors achieve financial success with unique tools previously unavailable – tools that do not replace but significantly augment information received from accountants, attorneys, bookkeepers, financial consultants, and software management programs. He coaches doctors on how to use sound Business Life Cycle Management concepts including the Launch, Growth, Expansion and eventual Sale or transition out of clinical practice. Paul developed the unique and proprietary IFF (Intuitive Financial Forecasting) practice management system to help doctors meet or exceed their goals. He authored the critically acclaimed book, Business Essentials for Healthcare Professionals, and has written over 100 practice management and business articles. He has developed unique online accredited Continuing Education Programs that teach doctors how to operate a successful businesses and, in turn, successful and healthy practices. Paul offers clients a “big picture” perspective that allows doctors to easily interpret their metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and financial reports with the added ability to improve forecasting, budgeting, and “what if” scenarios. Paul is proud to have earned the reputation of being known as a part-time, off-site, or virtual CFO to the doctors he advises and coaches. Dr. Pavlik can be contacted at